Being in the Now

Being in the Now

This is my first post. For some time now I’ve been planning on starting a personal blog about my spiritual work, my own journey, and the trials and tribulations that both life and I have put me through…and yes, there are plenty of trials that I created for myself. Part of the purpose behind this blog is the healing work that I need to do to process those experiences, another part is that its come to my attention that I might have something to offer other people, perhaps because of the places I’ve been, the circumstances in which I’ve put myself, and the perspective that Creation gave me as a tool with which to walk the paths of my life.

I will put up sermons that I’ve given at South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society, thoughts, reflections, poems, rants and whatever else comes to mind as I try to shape a tradition of being.

I named this blog “The Gnosis of Now” because its come to my attention that however we plan our goals, wherever we want to go, or wherever we’ve been, the only moment in which we can actually do anything about anything is now; so it seems pretty important to pay attention and divine out the secrets of this moment. To know this moment deeply.

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