Emma the Dog: Hey People…please be kind and excellent.

Emma the Dog: Hey People…please be kind and excellent.

I have a brief story to tell.  Last night some kids in our neighborhood found a beautiful little chihuahua wandering the streets…they actually founds its owner.  The owner didn’t want it because of a new lease, left her door open, and when the animal got out, decided not to look for it.  When the kids showed up she didn’t want to take it back.

What is wrong with folks?  Seriously?  The Humane Society charges $25 to intake a pet to their shelter for a check-up and adoption if its healthy.  Other shelters are free.  Animal control is free.  There are any number of places that are kinder, gentler ways to deal with an animal you don’t want than turning it out into the busy streets around 1300 east.

But she seems to be in the middle of a divorce, life changes, and didn’t want to cope, so off the dog goes into the street.

Hey; imo, the world is a harsh enough place, be kind, it doesn’t need our help being inconsiderate.

UPDATE: I had made an appointment to pick up the dog and take care of it; either adopt it or take it to a shelter this morning, and was ready to pay my vet to give the animal some immediate care…this woman put it out in the street again before the time we scheduled for me to pick it up and someone else grabbed it…none of the kids that talked to them know who they are, so that as they say, is that.  Sad.

I hope they decide to be kind.

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