RLLS: Gathering

RLLS: Gathering

First night at RLLS (Russell Lockwood Leadership School) tonight; we met, did introductions, an ice-breaker name game where everyone added an adjective to their name (there are almost 40 participants so that took a while and was much, much harder than it sounds), broke down into Covenant Groups then back together for worship.
The first thing that I am realizing here is how much deeper our faith goes than it appears on the surface.  We as UUs have a hard time articulating our faith, what it is about being UU that is sacred or holy and which drives us to live and worship together.
Just because we have a difficult time articulating something does not make it any less real, tangible or deep.  Our faith is about the human condition, our need to be inspired, and our diversity that all but requires we find that inspiration in different ways.  Our core tenets center around supporting one-another, opening space to be spiritual, and sharing our lives together.  It is a beautiful, deep and challenging faith that calls us to constantly stretch to accept that which we find difficult and frequently challenge our thoughts and reactions to others.
I expect this whole week will be much the same.

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