RLLS: Building Beloved Community

RLLS: Building Beloved Community

Beloved Community. “Take care of the people, the all-mighty God can take care of himself.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Day 4, or really, Day 3 of classes here are RLLS.

There was again, a lot of ground today; what stuck with me is that to create our community, our beloved community where we belong and we care for one-another, conflict is inevitable. In heritage today we learned about historical conflicts that not only shaped our faith, they set us free from restrictions. On our personal development track, we talked about emotive and cognitive tools to help us stand in the center of conflict, as leaders, and work to resolve, not dissolve it.

It is how we handle our conflicts that determine the trust, respect and love in our communities. It is whether we sustain our principles in the midst of conflict; do we treat the other side with the love, respect and dignity that is among the core principles of our faith? Do we listen to those in conflict with conscience and an eye towards justice and equity, even when it is us who are involved?

Our principles and values are not trite terms to be taken lightly in our lives; they are the bedrock upon which we offer ourselves and the world around us a firm foundation to reshape and mold into a more loving space.

If we are committed to our principles and values, even when angry, even when in conflict, even when sickened and worried, then we will find a balance from which to act upon our concerns, and we will find creative ways to resolve those concerns with the people we love, and who love us, in our communities.

That is a great and powerful work. So much for Day 4, Day 3 of classes – tomorrow is “Claiming our Prophetic Voice.” Honestly, I am not even sure what “Prophetic Voice” IS, so it will be interesting to learn how I am to “claim” it.

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