RLLS: Prophetic Voice

RLLS: Prophetic Voice

Our Prophetic Voice is not a voice that speaks the future, it is our voice which speaks truth; or at least our voice which speaks our truth, and in particular, the voice that speaks truth to power.

This is a short post, because well, its been a long week, and frankly, I am tired.  I have literally 100’s of pages of reading to do in the coming weeks, and books to read.

Although I have trouble with Truth – its that capital “T” – I’m not even sure a statement like “The sky is blue right now.” is true…because what about my color-blind friends who cannot see blue?  Might seem like splitting hairs, but it matters to me.

So, for me, I think this Prophetic Voice is more about speaking our vision; our perspective, our personal truth, in a way that calls others into more beloved relationships and more kinder, caring ways.

That is, after all, the great mission and message of Unitarian Universalism; to spread our principles into the world through word and practice so that our world can be transformed into a place of greater acceptance, justice and love, as our principles have transformed us into people who walk with greater justice, acceptance and love.

Our Prophetic Voice is about speaking our truths, so that we can spread that word.  At least, that’s how it sounds to me 😉

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