RLLS: Heading Home

RLLS: Heading Home

Last morning at RLLS was full of a sense of deep connection.  Though most were clearly eager to return home to their loved ones, there was also a sadness.  In worship, we reflected upon how we had successfully built a beloved community together, and took time to think about the feeling and sharing that could provide a model for when we return home.

In our modern times, religious institutions in all faiths, not just Unitarian Universalism are struggling to keep members.  I think maybe we are failing to build and sustain places where people not only go to feel loved and to love others, but where they go to find challenge, purpose and meaning.

It does not sound easy.  My promise to myself after this experience is to deepen my work on personal vision, mission and commitment, and to evaluate everything I do by my values.

There is a lot of processing left to be done on the material I learned and the experiences gained at RLLS 2010, so on this blog, we will be exploring creating personal mission and covenant.

That is all for now.  If you have been reading this, thank you.

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