The 2-Week No Single-Use Plastic Challenge

The 2-Week No Single-Use Plastic Challenge

I was really shaken by the movie “Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” I knew things were bad, I did not realize they were this bad.  Not only is climate change going to get us, but we’re all going to drown in plastic.  The tons and tons of plastic in the oceans are having more of an impact than I realized.  For the next 2 weeks I am not going to use any single-use plastic.  That is going to be incredibly hard.  How much food is packaged in plastic?  I won’t be able to buy lunches at work, won’t be able to purchase any frozen meats, no cereals, very few snack foods.  Can’t even shop in Whole Foods outside of the bulk food line.  As I’ve thought about how hard this is going to be, I am even more disturbed by the movie and what I saw.

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